Company Profile


Company Profile

At Soningra Industries Private Limited., we consider a vision as a long term strategy to achieve which a company put all its effort in. The management of our company believes that through consistency and hard work, our brand will propel and this is exactly that happened.
Our dedication and hard work made space for us in our customer’s hearts and we slowly gained popularity in the market.
Moreover, people now prefer us over our counterparts due to our service and products of unmatched quality and the most importantly for our relationship with the customer.

Mission And Vision



To embrace a propensity for satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers by supplying on-time, high quality products and services, with competitive pricing and long term consistent value. And also to our employees we shall offer a pleasant working environment with positive reinforcements for tasks well performed. Together, we will grow with the promise to be successful in all our future endeavors.


To be a leader in Plastic Conversion by providing Quality, Technology & Professional Development to our customers and the market whilst catering for our shareholders at all times to be viewed as a best in-class manufacturer and a great place to work. Our aim is to provide higher skills and stronger training with well-defined career paths at every level in the organization.