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About Us

Soningra Industries Private Limited

We supply our products across India via wide network.


About Us

We create unique experiences

Soningra Industries Private Limited. Is one of the companies that renders true value to its customers by making them safe and high quality products available at highly competitive prices. Backed by a strong sales network, we are now looked upon as a reliable wholesaler and trader in the market. Our strength lies in rendering great value for money to the companies who make use of our offered Gum Rosin and Polymers of unparalleled quality.

We supply our products across India via wide network. We emerged in the marker a year ago with the vision of standing among top business entities and with our hard work we have achieved a reputed place in our customer’s hearts.

Fulfilling the requirements of our customers is the sole aim of our company and our workforce put all its efforts to achieve the maximum of it.

Our Products

Gum Rosin is a natural solid form of pine oleoresin from pine trees, according to the specification, the range of colors from yellow to black, so it was also called colophony. It is a crude raw material used on industrial, on the ordinary application.

Gum Rosin

Gum rosin is a kind of natural resin that is mainly composed of various kinds of resin acids which can be dissolved easily in many organic solvents.

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Pine Oil

Pine oil is a colorless to pale yellow essential oil. Depending on its source, pine oil may either have a fresh, forest-like fragrance or a strong, dry.

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Turpentine Oil

We offer distilled turpentine oil which is an ideal source of material of organic synthesis. This turpentine oil is extensively used to dissolve rubber, resins

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